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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Shifting

uuWhen DrivinguShifting  
Manual transmission models  
Shift Lever Operation  
Do not shift to (R before the vehicle comes to a  
complete stop.  
Shifting to (R before stopping can damage the  
Fully depress the clutch pedal to operate the shift lever and change gears, then  
slowly release the pedal.  
Depress the clutch pedal, and pause for a few seconds before shifting into (R, or  
shift into one of the forward gears for a moment. This stops the gears so they do not  
Before downshifting, make sure the engine will not  
go into the tachometer’s red zone. Should this occur,  
it can severely damage your engine.  
When you are not shifting, do not rest your  
foot on the clutch pedal. This can cause your  
clutch to wear out faster.  
There is a metallic part on the shift lever. If you leave  
the vehicle parked outside for a long time on a hot  
day, be careful before moving the shift lever. Because  
of heat, the shift lever may be extremely hot. If the  
outside temperature is low, the shift lever may feel  
If you exceed the maximum speed for the gear you  
are in, the engine speed will enter into the  
tachometer’s red zone. When this happens, you may  
experience a slight jolt.  
uuWhen DrivinguShifting  
1Shift Up/Down Indicators  
Shift Up/Down Indicators  
Come on to notify you that a gear change is  
recommended in order to maintain fuel  
efficient driving or to prevent the engine from  
The shift indicator is a guide to help you  
achieve better fuel economy.  
Never refer to the Shift Indicators when  
road and traffic conditions are  
unsuitable or when it may distract you.  
The shift up indicator: Comes on when  
upshifting is recommended.  
This indicator will not prompt you to downshift to  
increase engine braking. It is up to you to downshift  
to increase engine braking when driving downhill.  
The shift down indicator: Comes on when  
downshifting is recommended.  
Always shift down at the appropriate vehicle speed.  
The shift down indicator does not come on when  
downshifting from (2 to (1.  
Ambient meter colour may change if you do not  
change gears when a shift indicator illuminates. This  
can result in a change in fuel economy.  
Road and traffic conditions may require you to shift  
at times other than those indicated.  
uuWhen DrivinguShifting  
Reverse Lockout  
The manual transmission has a lockout mechanism that stops you from accidentally  
shifting into (R from a forward gear while the vehicle is moving at a certain speed.  
If you cannot shift to (R when the vehicle is stopped, do the following:  
1. Depress the clutch pedal, move the shift  
lever all the way to the left, and shift to (R.  
2. If you still cannot shift into (R, apply the  
parking brake, and turn the ignition switch  
to ACCESSORY (q or LOCK (0*1.  
3. Depress the clutch pedal and shift into (R.  
4. Keep depressing the clutch pedal and start  
the engine.  
Have the vehicle checked by a dealer if you  
have to go through this procedure repeatedly.  
*1: Models with the keyless access system have an ENGINE START/STOP button instead of an  
ignition switch.