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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Head-up Display*

uuGauges and Driver Information InterfaceuHead-up Display*  
Head-up Display*  
Shows the tachometer, shift lever position indicator*, traffic sign recognition system,  
or current mode for ACC with LSF* along with the vehicle speed. They are displayed  
when the power mode is in ON.  
1Head-up Display*  
If the head-up display was displayed while you set the  
power mode to OFF on your previous drive, when you  
set the power mode to ON, the angle of the head-up  
display is automatically adjusted according to the  
setting stored in the driving position memory system.  
To turn the head-up display on and off: Press the HUD button.  
The display can be moved up and down to come level with your eyes.  
The head-up display will be displayed automatically when setting the power mode  
to ON, if it was displayed while you previously set the power mode to OFF.  
Avoid touching the screen of the head-up display as  
it is coated with a unique agent.  
To raise or lower the head-up display: Press and hold the  
button until  
When you clean the screen, first blow away any  
debris or dust with a blower suited for cleaning  
camera lenses. Then gently wipe the lens with a lens  
cleaning cloth or other soft fine-grained cloth: Do not  
use a cleaner or detergent.  
the desired position is reached.  
Head-up Display  
Press and hold the 3 button  
3 Button  
to raise the display.  
Press and hold the 4 button  
to lower the display.  
4 Button  
* Not available on all models