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uuEmergency Call (eCall)*uManual emergency call  
Manual emergency call  
1Manual emergency call  
If you need to make an emergency call, you  
can establish a connection manually: Press the  
SOS button and hold it for more than 0.5  
Do NOT press the button while you are driving. If you  
need to contact an operator, park the vehicle in a  
safe place before you make a call.  
SOS Cancel Button  
If the eCall system at first fails to connect to a PSAP  
operator, it will try again until a connection is  
established. However, if 2 minutes have elapsed since  
the first try was attempted, the system will no longer  
attempt to establish a connection.  
To cancel a call, press the SOS cancel button  
for more than 0.5 seconds, before 5 seconds  
has elapsed since the SOS button was  
The SOS cancel button does not cancel a call once  
the system is connected to an operator.  
The SOS button is protected by a cover. Open the cover to gain access.  
When an emergency call is initiated, the vehicle speakers are disabled so that you  
can hear the operator.  
uuEmergency Call (eCall)*uManual emergency call  
1Emergency Call (eCall)*  
Data privacy  
The 112-based eCall in-vehicle system is designed to  
ensure that:  
Data contained in the system memory is not  
available outside the system before an eCall is  
It is not traceable or subject to any constant  
tracking during its normal operation status.  
Data in the internal memory of the system is  
automatically and continuously removed.  
For the system to function normally, the vehicle  
location data is constantly overwritten in the internal  
memory of the system so that the last three locations  
of the vehicle are kept up-to-date.  
The log of activity data in the 112-based eCall in-  
vehicle system is kept for no longer than necessary  
for attaining the purpose of handling the emergency  
eCall and in any case not beyond 13 hours from the  
moment an emergency eCall was initiated.  
* Not available on all models  
uuEmergency Call (eCall)*uManual emergency call  
1Emergency Call (eCall)*  
Owner’s rights  
The data subject (the vehicle’s owner) has a right of  
access to data and as appropriate to request the  
rectification, erasure or blocking of data, concerning  
him or her, the processing of which does not comply  
with the provisions of Directive 95/46/EC (replaced by  
Any third parties to whom the data have been  
disclosed have to be notified of such rectification,  
erasure or blocking carried out in compliance with  
this Directive, unless it proves impossible or involves a  
disproportionate effort.  
The data subject has a right to complain to the  
competent data protection authority if he or she  
considers that his or her rights have been infringed as  
a result of the processing of his or her personal data.  
Honda eCall Service Information:  
If you have any questions about eCall, contact the  
office relevant to the country in which you reside. See  
the service booklet for list of offices.  
* Not available on all models