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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Checking the Engine

Engine Does Not Start  
Checking the Engine  
If the engine does not start, check the starter.  
1Checking the Engine  
If you must start the vehicle immediately, use an  
assisting vehicle or booster battery to jump start it.  
2 Jump Starting P. 746  
Starter condition  
Starter doesn’t turn or turns  
over slowly.  
Check for a message on the driver information interface  
Models with keyless access system  
The battery may be dead. Check  
each of the items on the right and  
respond accordingly.  
2 If the Keyless Remote Battery is Weak P. 744  
uMake sure the keyless remote is in its operating range.  
2 ENGINE START/STOP Button Operating Range P. 218  
Check the brightness of the interior lights.  
Turn on the interior lights and check the brightness.  
If the interior lights are dim or do not come on at all 2 Battery P. 712  
If the interior lights come on normally 2 Fuses P. 758  
The starter turns over normally, Review the engine start procedure.  
but the engine doesn’t start.  
There may be a problem with a  
fuse. Check each of the items on  
the right and respond accordingly.  
Follow its instructions, and try to start the engine again. 2 Starting the Engine P. 514, 517  
Check the immobilizer system indicator.  
When the immobilizer system indicator is blinking, the engine cannot be started.  
2 Immobilizer System P. 204  
Check the fuel level.  
There should be enough fuel in the tank. 2Fuel Gauge P. 147  
Check the fuse.  
Check all fuses or have the vehicle checked by a dealer. 2 Inspecting and Changing Fuses P. 764  
If the problem continues:  
2 Emergency Towing P. 765