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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Opening the Bonnet

uuMaintenance Under the BonnetuOpening the Bonnet  
Opening the Bonnet  
1. Park the vehicle on a level surface, and set  
the parking brake.  
1Opening the Bonnet  
Bonnet Release Handle  
The bonnet support rod can become very  
hot due to heat from the engine.  
2. Pull the bonnet release handle under the  
driver’s side lower outside corner of the  
u The bonnet will pop up slightly.  
To ensure against possible burns, do not  
handle the metal section of the rod:  
Use the foam grip instead.  
3. Push the bonnet latch lever (located under  
the front edge of the bonnet to the centre)  
to the side and raise the bonnet. Once you  
have raised the bonnet slightly, you can  
release the lever.  
Do not open the bonnet when the wiper arms are  
raised. The bonnet will strike the wipers, resulting in  
possible damage to the bonnet and/or the wipers.  
When closing the bonnet, check that the bonnet is  
securely latched.  
If the bonnet latch lever moves stiffly, or if you can  
open the bonnet without lifting the lever, the latch  
mechanism should be cleaned and lubricated.  
4. Remove the support rod from the clamp  
using the grip. Mount the support rod in  
the bonnet.  
Support Rod  
Models with Auto Idle Stop  
Do not open the bonnet while the Auto Idle Stop  
function is activated.  
When closing, remove the support rod, and  
stow it in the clamp, then gently lower the  
bonnet. Remove your hand at a height of  
approximately 30 cm and let the bonnet close.  
uuMaintenance Under the BonnetuOpening the Bonnet  
1Opening the Bonnet  
Grab the foam.  
The support rod gets very hot.  
Refer to the owner’s manual.