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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Radar Sensor

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Radar Sensor  
The radar sensor is in the front grille.  
1Radar Sensor  
Avoid strong impacts to the radar sensor cover.  
For the CMBS to work properly:  
Always keep the radar sensor cover clean.  
Never use chemical solvents or polishing powder  
for cleaning the sensor cover. Clean it with water  
or a mild detergent.  
Radar Sensor  
Do not put a sticker on the radar sensor cover or  
replace the radar sensor cover.  
The radar sensor is  
in the front grille.  
If you need the radar sensor to be repaired, or  
removed, or the radar sensor cover is strongly  
impacted, turn off the system by using the CMBS OFF  
button and take your vehicle to a dealer.  
2 CMBS On and Off P. 565  
If the vehicle is involved in any of the following  
situations, the radar sensor may not work properly.  
Have your vehicle checked by a dealer:  
Your vehicle is involved in a frontal collision.  
Your vehicle drives through deep water or is  
submerged in deep water.  
Your vehicle strongly strikes a bump, curb, chock,  
or embankment that could jar the radar sensor.