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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Low Keyless Remote Signal Strength*

uuLocking and Unlocking the DoorsuLow Keyless Remote Signal Strength*  
Low Keyless Remote Signal Strength*  
1Low Keyless Remote Signal Strength*  
The vehicle transmits radio waves to locate the keyless remote when locking/  
unlocking the doors and tailgate, or to start the engine.  
Communication between the keyless remote and the  
vehicle consumes the keyless remote’s battery.  
Battery life is about two years, but this varies  
depending on regularity of use.  
The battery is consumed whenever the keyless  
remote is receiving strong radio waves. Avoid placing  
it near electrical appliances such as televisions and  
personal computers.  
In the following cases, locking/unlocking the doors and tailgate, or starting the  
engine may be inhibited or operation may be unstable:  
Strong radio waves are being transmitted by nearby equipment.  
You are carrying the keyless remote together with telecommunications  
equipment, laptop computers, mobile phones, or wireless devices.  
A metallic object is touching or covering the keyless remote.  
* Not available on all models