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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Immobilizer System

uuSecurity SystemuSecurity System Alarm  
Security System Alarm  
The security system alarm activates when the tailgate, bonnet, or doors are opened  
without the remote transmitter, or keyless access system*.  
1Security System Alarm  
Do not attempt to alter this system or add other  
devices to it.  
Doing so may damage the system and make your  
vehicle inoperable.  
When the security system alarm activates  
The horn sounds intermittently and all the exterior lights flash.  
The security alarm will continue for approximately 5  
minutes before the security system deactivates.  
The system will go through ten 30-second cycles,  
during which the horn will sound and an emergency  
indicator will flash.  
To deactivate the security system alarm  
Unlock the vehicle using the remote transmitter, keyless access system*, or turning  
the ignition switch to ON (w*1. The system, along with the horn and flashing lights,  
is deactivated.  
Depending on circumstances, the security system  
may continue operating for more than 5 minutes.  
Setting the security system alarm  
Models without keyless access system  
Do not set the security system alarm when someone  
is in the vehicle or a window is open. The system can  
accidentally activate when:  
The security system alarm automatically sets when the following conditions have  
been met:  
The ignition switch is in LOCK (0, and the key has been removed from the  
ignition switch.  
The bonnet is closed.  
Unlocking the door with the lock tab.  
Opening the bonnet with the bonnet release  
All doors and the tailgate are locked with the key or the remote transmitter.  
If the battery goes dead after you have set the  
security system alarm, the security alarm may activate  
once the battery is recharged or replaced.  
If this occurs, deactivate the security system alarm by  
unlocking a door using the remote transmitter or  
keyless access system*.  
Do not unlock the door using the key. The security  
system alarm activates.  
*1: Models with the keyless access system have an ENGINE START/STOP button instead of an  
ignition switch.  
* Not available on all models