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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Accessories and Modifications

Accessories and Modifications  
When installing accessories, check the following:  
1Accessories and Modifications  
Do not install accessories on the windscreen. They can obstruct your view and  
delay your reaction to driving conditions.  
Do not install any accessories over areas marked SRS Airbag, on the sides or backs  
of the front seats, on front or side pillars, or near the side windows.  
Accessories installed in these areas may interfere with proper operation of the  
vehicle’s airbags or may be propelled into you or another occupant if the airbags  
Improper accessories or modifications can  
affect your vehicle’s handling, stability, and  
performance, and cause a crash in which  
you can be seriously hurt or killed.  
Follow all instructions in this owner’s  
manual regarding accessories and  
Be sure electronic accessories do not overload electrical circuits or interfere with  
proper operation of your vehicle.  
2 Fuses P. 758  
Before installing any electronic accessory, have the installer contact a dealer for  
assistance. If possible, have a dealer inspect the final installation.  
When properly installed, mobile phones, alarms, two-  
way radios, radio antennas, and low-powered audio  
systems should not interfere with your vehicle’s  
computer controlled systems, such as your airbags  
and anti-lock brakes.  
Honda Genuine accessories are recommended to  
ensure proper operation on your vehicle.