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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Using Automatic Climate Control

Climate Control System*  
Using Automatic Climate Control  
The automatic climate control system maintains the interior temperature you select.  
The system also selects the proper mix of heated or cooled air that raises or lowers  
the interior temperature to your preference as quickly as possible.  
1Using Automatic Climate Control  
If any button is pressed while in AUTO, the function  
of that button takes priority.  
The AUTO indicator goes off, but functions of other  
buttons pressed are still in auto mode.  
To prevent cold air from blowing in from outside, the  
fan may operate at low speed for a while after the  
AUTO button has been pressed.  
Dashboard vents Dashboard and Floor vents  
and back of the floor vents and  
Floor and  
defroster vents  
center console  
back of the  
center console  
If the interior is very warm, you can cool it down  
more rapidly by partially opening the windows,  
turning the system on AUTO, and setting the  
temperature to low. Change the fresh air mode to  
recirculation mode until the temperature cools down.  
AUTO Button  
Passenger's Side  
Control Dial  
Driver's Side  
Control Dial  
(Recirculation) Button  
When you set the temperature to the lower or upper  
(Fan Control) Buttons  
limit, Lo or Hi is displayed.  
A/C (Air Conditioning) Button  
Use the system when the engine is running.  
Pressing the  
button switches the climate  
control system between on and off. When turned on,  
the system returns to your last selection.  
1. Press the AUTO button.  
2. Adjust the interior temperature using the driver's side or passenger’s side  
temperature control dial.  
While in ECON mode, the system has greater  
temperature fluctuations.  
3. Press the  
button to cancel.  
Switching between the recirculation and fresh air modes  
Press the  
button and switch the mode depending on environmental conditions.  
Recirculation mode (indicator on): Recirculates air from the vehicle’s interior through  
the system.  
Fresh air mode (indicator off): Maintains outside ventilation. Keep the system in  
fresh air mode in normal situations.  
* Not available on all models  
uuClimate Control System*uUsing Automatic Climate Control  
1Defrosting the Windshield and Windows  
Defrosting the Windshield and Windows  
For your safety, make sure you have a clear view  
through all the windows before driving.  
Pressing the  
button turns the air  
conditioning system on and automatically  
switches the system to fresh air mode.  
Do not set the temperature near the upper or lower  
When cold air hits the windshield, the outside of the  
Pressing the  
system returns to the previous settings.  
button again to turn off, the  
If the side windows fog up, adjust the vents so that  
the air hits the side windows.  
To rapidly defrost the windows  
1To rapidly defrost the windows  
After defrosting the windows, switch over to fresh air  
mode. If you keep the system in recirculation mode,  
the windows may fog up from humidity. This  
impedes visibility.  
1. Press the  
2. Press the  
uuClimate Control System*uSynchronized Mode  
Synchronized Mode  
1Synchronized Mode  
When you press the  
button, the system changes  
to synchronized mode.  
When the system is in dual mode, the driver side  
temperature and the passenger side temperature can  
be set separately.  
Models with navigation system  
In AUTO mode, the system adjusts each temperature  
based on the information of the sunlight sensor and  
the sun position updated by the navigation system’s  
You can set the temperature synchronously for the driver side and the passenger  
side in synchronized mode.  
1. Press the SYNC button.  
u The system switches to synchronized mode.  
2. Adjust the temperature using driver’s side temperature control dial.  
Press the SYNC button to return to dual mode.