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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Information Display*

uuGauges and DisplaysuInformation Display*  
Information Display*  
The information display shows the odometer, trip meter, engine oil life and  
maintenance service item codes, and other gauges.  
1Switching the Display  
Each time you press the  
knob, the information  
display changes as follows:  
Switching the Display  
Instant Fuel Economy,  
Odometer, Trip Meter A,  
Outside Temperature  
Press the  
(Select/Reset) knob to change the display.  
Instant Fuel Economy,  
Range, Trip Meter A,  
Outside Temperature  
Instant Fuel Economy,  
Average Fuel A, Trip Meter  
A, Outside Temperature  
Shows the total number of miles or kilometers that your vehicle has accumulated.  
Instant Fuel Economy,  
Average Fuel B, Trip Meter  
B, Outside Temperature  
Engine Oil Life  
Some of the items on the information display also  
appear on the i-MID. They also change along with the  
information display changes while the fuel  
consumption is shown.  
* Not available on all models  
uuGauges and DisplaysuInformation Display*  
1Trip Meter  
Trip Meter  
Switch between trip meter A and trip meter B by  
pressing the  
Shows the total number of miles or kilometers driven since the last reset. Meters A  
and B can be used to measure two separate trips.  
Resetting a trip meter  
To reset a trip meter, display it, then press and hold the  
knob. The trip meter is  
reset to 0.0.  
Average Fuel Economy  
Shows the estimated average fuel economy of each trip meter in mpg (U.S.) or l/100  
km (Canada). The display is updated at set intervals. When a trip meter is reset, the  
average fuel economy is also reset.  
Engine Oil Life  
Shows the remaining oil life and Maintenance MinderTM.  
2 Maintenance MinderTM P. 429  
Shows the estimated distance you can travel on the remaining fuel. This distance is  
estimated from the fuel economy of your previous trips.  
Check Fuel Cap  
Appears when the fuel fill cap is loose or is not installed.  
2 Check/Tighten Fuel Cap Message P. 500  
uuGauges and DisplaysuInformation Display*  
1Outside Temperature  
Outside Temperature  
The temperature sensor is in the front bumper. Road  
heat and exhaust from another vehicle can affect the  
temperature reading when your vehicle speed is less  
than 19 mph (30 km/h).  
Shows the outside temperature in Fahrenheit (U.S.) or Celsius (Canada).  
Adjusting the outside temperature display  
Adjust the temperature reading up to 5°F or 3°C if the temperature reading  
seems incorrect.  
It may take several minutes for the display to be  
updated after the temperature reading has stabilized.  
Use the i-MID’s customized features to correct the  
2 Customized Features P. 114