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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Front Sensor Camera*

uuWhen DrivinguFront Sensor Camera*  
Front Sensor Camera*  
The camera, used in systems; such as LDW, LKAS, ACC and CMBSTM, is designed to  
detect an object that triggers any of the systems to operate their functions.  
1Front Sensor Camera*  
Never apply a film or attach any objects to the  
windshield that could obstruct the camera’s field of  
Camera Location and Handling Tips  
Scratches, nicks, and other damage to the windshield  
within the camera’s field of vision can cause the  
system to operate abnormally. If this occurs, we  
recommend that you replace the windshield with a  
genuine Honda replacement windshield. Making  
even minor repairs within the camera’s field of vision  
or installing an aftermarket replacement windshield  
may also cause the system to operate abnormally.  
After replacing the windshield, have a dealer  
recalibrate the camera. Proper calibration of the  
camera is necessary for the system to operate  
This camera is located behind the rearview  
Front Sensor  
To help reduce the likelihood that high interior  
temperatures will cause the camera’s sensing  
system to shut off, when parking, find a shady  
area or face the front of the vehicle away from  
the sun. If you use a reflective sun shade, do  
not allow it to cover the camera housing.  
Covering the camera can concentrate heat on  
Do not place an object on the top of the instrument  
panel. It may reflect onto the windshield and prevent  
the system from detecting lane lines properly.  
message appears:  
Use the climate control system to cool down the  
interior and, if necessary, also use defroster mode  
with the air flow directed toward the camera.  
Start driving the vehicle to lower the windshield  
temperature, which cools down the area around  
the camera.  
* Not available on all models