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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Oil Check

uuMaintenance Under the HooduOil Check  
Oil Check  
We recommend that you check the engine oil level every time you refuel.  
1Oil Check  
Park the vehicle on level ground.  
Wait approximately three minutes after turning the engine off before you check the  
If the oil level is near or below the lower mark, slowly  
add oil being careful not to overfill.  
1. Remove the dipstick (orange handle).  
2. Wipe the dipstick with a clean cloth or  
paper towel.  
3. Insert the dipstick back all the way into its  
4. Remove the dipstick again, and check the  
level. It should be between the upper and  
lower marks. Add oil if necessary.  
Upper Mark  
Lower Mark