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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Battery

Checking the Battery  
Check the battery condition monthly and check the terminals for corrosion.  
The battery gives off explosive hydrogen  
gas during normal operation.  
If your vehicle's battery is disconnected or goes dead:  
The audio system is disabled.  
2 Reactivating the audio system P. 210  
The clock resets.  
2 Clock P. 128  
The navigation system* is disabled.  
A spark or flame can cause the battery to  
explode with enough force to kill or  
seriously hurt you.  
2 Refer to the navigation system manual  
When conducting any battery  
maintenance, wear protective clothing and  
a face shield, or have a skilled technician do  
Charging the Battery  
Disconnect both battery cables to prevent damaging your vehicle's electrical system.  
Always disconnect the negative (–) cable first, and reconnect it last.  
WARNING: Battery post, terminals,  
and related accessories contain lead  
and lead compounds.  
Wash your hands after handling.  
When you find corrosion, clean the battery terminals  
by applying a baking powder and water solution.  
Clean the terminals with a damp towel. Cloth/towel  
dry the battery. Coat the terminals with grease to  
help prevent future corrosion.  
When replacing the battery, the replacement must be  
of the same specifications.  
Please consult a dealer for more information.  
* Not available on all models