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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Adjusting the Steering Wheel

uuOperating the Switches Around the Steering WheeluAdjusting the Steering Wheel  
Adjusting the Steering Wheel  
The steering wheel height and distance from your body can be adjusted so that you  
can comfortably grip the steering wheel in an appropriate driving posture.  
1Adjusting the Steering Wheel  
Adjusting the steering wheel position while  
driving may cause you to lose control of the  
vehicle and be seriously injured in a crash.  
1. Pull the steering wheel adjustment lever up.  
u The steering wheel adjustment lever is  
under the steering column.  
To adjust  
2. Move the steering wheel up or down, and  
in or out.  
u Make sure you can see the instrument  
panel gauges and indicators.  
Adjust the steering wheel only when the  
vehicle is stopped.  
3. Push the steering wheel adjustment lever  
To lock  
down to lock the steering wheel in position.  
u After adjusting the position, make sure  
you have securely locked the steering  
wheel in place by trying to move it up,  
down, in, and out.  
Make any steering wheel adjustments before you  
start driving.