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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Security System

Security System  
Immobilizer System  
The immobilizer system prevents a key that has not been pre-registered from  
starting the engine. Each key contains electronic transmitters that use electronic  
signals to verify the key.  
1Immobilizer System  
Leaving the ignition key in the vehicle can result in  
theft or accidental movement of the vehicle.  
Always take the ignition key with you whenever you  
leave the vehicle unattended.  
Pay attention to the following when inserting the key into the ignition switch or  
pressing the ENGINE START/STOP button*:  
Do not allow objects that emit strong radio waves near the ignition switch*1.  
Make sure the key is not covered by or touching a metal object.  
Do not bring a key from another vehicle's immobilizer system near the ignition  
Do not alter the system or add other devices to it.  
Doing so may damage the system and make your  
vehicle inoperable.  
Security System Alarm*  
The security system alarm activates when the tailgate, hood or doors are forcibly  
opened. The alarm does not go off if the tailgate or doors are opened with the key,  
remote transmitter or smart entry system.  
1Security System Alarm*  
The security alarm continues for a maximum of two  
minutes until the security system deactivates.  
However, the alarm goes off when a door is opened with the key, then the shift  
lever is moved out of (P or the hood is opened before the power mode is set to ON.  
When the security system alarm activates  
The horn sounds intermittently and all the exterior lights flash.  
*1: Models with the smart entry system have an ENGINE START/STOP button  
instead of an ignition switch.  
* Not available on all models