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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Shifting

uuWhen DrivinguShifting  
Change the shift position in accordance with your driving needs.  
Shift lever positions  
You cannot turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0*1  
and remove the key unless the shift lever is in (P  
The vehicle may move forward very slightly even in  
(N while the engine is cold.  
Depress the brake pedal firmly and, when necessary,  
apply the parking brake.  
Used when parking or starting the engine  
Used when reversing  
*1: Models with the smart entry system have an  
ENGINE START/STOP button instead of an ignition  
Used when idling  
Used for normal driving  
Drive (S)  
For better acceleration  
To increase engine braking  
When going up or down hills  
Release Button  
Used to further increase engine braking  
Used when going up or down hills  
uuWhen DrivinguShifting  
1Shift Lever Operation  
Shift Lever Operation  
When you change the shift lever from (D to (R and  
vice versa, come to a complete stop and keep the  
brake pedal depressed.  
Tachometer's red zone  
Operating the shift lever before the vehicle has come  
to a complete standstill can damage the transmission.  
Shift Lever Position Indicator  
Use the shift lever position indicator to check the  
lever position before pulling away.  
If the transmission indicator (D blinks when driving,  
in any shift position, there is a problem with the  
Avoid sudden acceleration and have the transmission  
checked by a dealer as soon as possible.  
The fuel supply may be cut off if you drive at engine  
speeds in or over the tachometer's red zone (engine  
speed limit). If this happens, you may experience a  
slight jolt.  
Depress the brake pedal and press the  
shift lever release button to shift.  
Shift without pressing the shift lever  
release button.  
It may not be possible to operate the shift lever if the  
brake pedal is applied while the shift lever release  
button is held down.  
Press the shift lever release button  
and shift.  
Depress the brake pedal first.  
uuWhen DrivinguECON Button  
ECON Button  
The ECON button turns the ECON mode on  
and off.  
The ECON mode helps you improve your fuel  
economy by adjusting the performance of the  
engine, transmission, air conditioning system,  
and cruise control.