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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Inspecting and Changing Fuses

uuFusesuInspecting and Changing Fuses  
Inspecting and Changing Fuses  
1. Turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0*1. Turn  
1Inspecting and Changing Fuses  
headlights and all accessories off.  
2. Remove the fuse box cover.  
3. Check the large fuse in the engine  
Blown Fuse  
Replacing a fuse with one that has a higher rating  
greatly increases the chances of damaging the  
electrical system.  
u If the fuse is blown, use a Phillips-head  
screwdriver to remove the screw and  
replace it with a new one.  
Replace fuse with a spare fuse of the same specified  
Confirm the specified amperage using the charts on  
P. 503 to 504.  
4. Inspect the small fuses in the engine  
compartment and the vehicle interior.  
u If there is a burned out fuse, remove it  
with the fuse puller and replace it with a  
new one.  
Fuse Puller  
Use the charts to locate the fuse in question and  
conform the specific amperage on the fuse label.  
2 Fuse Locations P. 503  
There is a fuse puller on the back of the engine  
compartment fuse box cover.  
*1: Models with the smart entry system have an ENGINE START/STOP button  
instead of an ignition switch.