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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ ECON Button

uuWhen DrivinguCruise Control*  
Cruise Control*  
Maintains a constant vehicle speed without having to keep your foot on the  
accelerator pedal. Use cruise control on freeways or open roads where you can  
travel at a constant speed with little acceleration or deceleration.  
1Cruise Control*  
Improper use of the cruise control can lead  
to a crash.  
When to use  
Vehicle speed for cruise control:  
Desired speed in a range above  
roughly 25 mph (40 km/h) ~  
Always keep sufficient distance  
between you and the vehicle in  
front of you.  
Use the cruise control only when traveling  
on open highways in good weather.  
Shift positions for cruise control:  
In (D or (S  
It may not be possible to maintain a constant speed  
when driving uphill or downhill.  
When not using cruise control:  
Turn off cruise control by pressing the CRUISE  
How to use  
CRUISE MAIN is on in the  
instrument panel.  
Cruise control is ready to use.  
While in the ECON mode, it may take relatively more  
time to accelerate to maintain the set speed.  
Press the CRUISE button on  
the steering wheel.  
* Not available on all models