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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Smartphone Apps

uuAudio System Basic OperationuSmartphone Apps  
Smartphone Apps  
You can connect a compatible smartphone to the system to enable integration  
between the smartphone’s approved apps and the vehicle. This allows you to  
control the phone through the vehicle display. To check smart phone compatibility,  
download the HondaLink app, and view connection instructions, visit For the latest apps and feature details, check  
1Smartphone Apps  
Park in a safe place before connecting your phone  
and while operating the displayed apps.  
Not all phones and apps are compatible with the  
system. The system does not display all the available  
apps on smartphone, and some apps need to be  
preinstalled. Ask a dealer for details.  
You need to switch the Bluetooth connection to your  
smartphone if another electronic device is connected.  
2 Changing the currently paired phone  
P. 321  
(Home) Button  
Select to go back to  
home screen or to  
a previous display.  
Appears when the  
phone is connected  
to the system.  
Select to display  
available apps.  
The following may vary by phone type:  
Connection methods.  
How to connect a smartphone to the system.  
Apps that can be operated on the screen.  
Display response time/update time.  
We do not support every app operation on the  
display audio.  
Ask the app provider for any questions on the app’s  
(Back) Button  
Select to go back to the previous display.  
(Not available on all phones.)  
(Menu) Button  
Select to display the menu on the app you  
selected. (Not available on all apps.)