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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Playing Internet Radio

uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying Internet Radio  
U.S. models  
iPhone use only  
Playing Internet Radio  
Activate Pandora®, and connect the iPhone using your dock connector to the USB  
adapter cable, then press the AUX button.  
2 USB Adapter Cable* P. 207  
Rating Icon  
Album Art  
Selector Knob  
Press to enter PANDORA MENU.  
Turn to adjust the volume.  
Press and turn to select an item, then  
press to set your selection.  
(Power) Button  
Press to turn the audio  
system on and off.  
AUX Button  
Press to select iPhone (if connected  
when the Pandora® application is  
to the next  
Skip Button  
to the previous  
to skip a song.  
SETUP Button  
Press to display menu items.  
* Not available on all models  
uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying Internet Radio  
1Playing Internet Radio  
Pandora® Menu  
Pandora® is a personalized Internet radio service that  
selects music based on an artist, song, or genre a user  
enters, and streams what is likely to be of interest.  
You can operate some of the Pandora menu items from your vehicle’s audio system.  
The available items are:  
Station List (QuickMix is also available)  
To use this service in your vehicle, the Pandora® app  
must first be installed on your iPhone. Visit for more information.  
If you cannot operate Pandora® through the audio  
system, it may be streaming through Bluetooth®  
Audio. Make sure Pandora® mode on your audio  
system is selected.  
Bookmark this song  
Bookmark this artist  
Operating a menu item  
1Pandora® Menu  
1. Press  
2. Rotate  
3. Press  
to display the PANDORA MENU.  
to select a menu.  
Available operating functions vary on software  
versions. Some functions may not be available on the  
vehicle's audio system.  
to display the items on that menu.  
If there is a problem, you may see an error message  
on the i-MID.  
2 Pandora® P. 264  
There are restrictions on the number of songs you  
can skip or dislike in a given hour.