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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Playing Internet Radio

uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying an iPod  
1How to Select a Play Mode  
How to Select a Play Mode  
Play Mode Menu Items  
You can select repeat and shuffle modes when playing a file.  
1. Press the button.  
Repeat Song: Repeats the current file.  
Shuffle Albums: Plays all available albums in a  
selected list (playlists, artists, albums, songs, genres,  
or composers) in random order.  
Shuffle All Songs: Plays all available files in a  
selected list (playlists, artists, albums, songs, genres,  
or composers) in random order.  
2. Select Shuffle/Repeat.  
3. Select a mode.  
To turn off a play mode  
1. Press the button.  
2. Select the mode you want to turn off.  
uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying Internet Radio  
U.S. models  
Compatible phones only  
1Playing Internet Radio  
Playing Internet Radio  
Connect a compatible phone through Bluetooth®.  
2 Phone Setup P. 320  
Pandora®, the Pandora logo, and the Pandora trade  
dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of  
Pandora Media, Inc., used with permission. Pandora  
is currently available exclusively in the United States.  
iPhone only  
You can also connect the phone using your dock connector to the USB port. Select  
Source to select Pandora mode.  
To find out if your phone is compatible with this  
feature, visit, or call  
To use this service in your vehicle, the Pandora® app  
must first be installed on your phone. Visit for more information.  
(Power) Button  
Press to turn the  
audio system on  
and off.  
Cover Art  
Pandora on the iPhone will only play through the USB  
cable or Bluetooth® Audio, you cannot play Pandora®  
through the HondaLink Cable.  
VOL (Volume)  
Press to adjust  
the volume.  
Open/Close Icon*1  
(Menu) Button  
Press to display the  
menu items.  
Displays/hides the  
Like/Dislike Icons  
Select to evaluate a  
(Back) Button  
Press to go back to the  
previous display.  
Play/Pause Icon  
Select to resume or  
play a song.  
Station Up/Down Icons  
Skip Icon  
Select to change a station.  
Select to skip a song.  
*1:Some or all of the lists may not be displayed.