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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Playing Bluetooth® Audio

uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying Bluetooth® Audio  
Playing Bluetooth® Audio  
Your audio system allows you to listen to music from your Bluetooth-compatible  
1Playing Bluetooth® Audio  
Not all Bluetooth-enabled phones with streaming  
audio capabilities are compatible with the system.  
For a list of compatible phones:  
This function is available when the phone is paired and connected to the vehicle’s  
Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® (HFL) system.  
2 Phone Setup P. 291  
U.S.: Visit, or call 1-  
Canada: Visit, or call 1-888-  
Bluetooth Indicator  
Appears when your  
phone is connected  
to HFL.  
In some states, it may be illegal to operate devices  
that use data while driving.  
If more than one phone is paired to the HFL system,  
there will be a delay before the system begins to play.  
(Power) Button  
Selector Knob  
Press to turn the  
audio system on  
and off.  
Turn to adjust the  
Press to display the  
device’s name.  
Preset 1 Button  
Press to switch the  
mode between  
pause and resume.  
AUX Button  
Press to select  
Bluetooth® Audio.  
SETUP Button  
Press to display  
menu items.  
Seek/Skip Buttons  
change files.  
uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying Bluetooth® Audio  
1To Play Bluetooth® Audio Files  
To Play Bluetooth® Audio Files  
To play the audio files, you may need to operate your  
phone. If so, follow the phone maker's operating  
1. Make sure that your phone is paired and  
connected to HFL.  
2. Press the AUX button.  
The pause function may not be available on some  
If the phone is not recognized, another HFL-  
compatible phone, which is not compatible  
for Bluetooth® Audio, may already be  
If any audio device is connected to the auxiliary input  
jack, you may need to press the AUX button  
repeatedly to select the Bluetooth® Audio system.  
Switching to another mode pauses the music playing  
from your phone.  
To pause or resume a file  
1. Press the SETUP button.  
2. Rotate  
to select Resume/Pause, then press  
Each time you press , the setting switches between pause and resume.