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2015 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Playing AM/FM Radio

uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying AM/FM Radio  
Playing AM/FM Radio  
Press to display and select an  
RDS category.  
(Power) Button  
Press to turn the audio  
system on and off.  
AM Button  
FM Button  
Press to select a band.  
SCAN Button  
Preset Buttons (1-6)  
To store a station:  
1. Tune to the selected station.  
2. Pick a preset button and hold it  
until you hear a beep.  
Press to sample each of the  
strongest stations on the  
selected band for 10 seconds.  
To turn off scan, press the  
button again.  
To listen to a stored station, select a  
band, then press the preset button.  
Selector Knob  
Turn to adjust the volume.  
Press and turn to tune the radio  
SETUP Button  
Press to display menu items.  
Seek/Skip Buttons  
Press to search up and down  
the selected band for a  
station with a strong signal.  
uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying AM/FM Radio  
1Playing AM/FM Radio  
Auto Select  
The ST indicator appears on the display indicating  
stereo FM broadcasts.  
Stereo reproduction in AM is not available.  
Use the auto select feature to scan both bands and store the strongest station in  
each preset.  
1. Press the SETUP button.  
To switch the audio mode, press the SOURCE button  
on the steering wheel.  
2 Audio Remote Controls P. 211  
2. Rotate  
to select Auto Select, then  
To turn off auto select, press  
restores the presets you originally set.  
again. This  
You can store 6 AM stations and 12 FM stations into  
the preset button memory. FM1 and FM2 let you  
store 6 stations each.  
Auto Select function scans and stores up to 6 AM  
stations and 12 FM stations with a strong signal into  
the preset button memory.  
If you do not like the stations auto select has stored,  
you can manually store your preferred frequencies.  
uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying AM/FM Radio  
Radio Data System (RDS)  
Provides text data information related to your selected RDS-capable FM station.  
RDS information  
1. Press the SETUP button and rotate  
select RDS Information.  
2. Each time you press , the RDS  
Information switches between on and off.  
To find an RDS station from your selected program category  
1. Press the button to display and  
RDS Category  
select an RDS category.  
2. Use Seek/Skip or SCAN to select an RDS