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2017 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Using HFT (Audio system with two displays)

Hands-Free Telephone System  
Audio system with two displays  
1Hands-Free Telephone System  
The Hands-Free Telephone (HFT) System allows you to place and receive phone calls  
using your vehicle’s audio system, without handling your mobile phone.  
To use HFT, you need a Bluetooth-compatible mobile  
phone. For a list of compatible phones, pairing  
procedures, and special feature capabilities, ask a  
dealer or your local Honda.  
Using HFT  
To use the system, the Bluetooth On/Off Status  
setting must be On.  
2 Customized Features* P. 323  
HFT Buttons  
MENU Button  
Voice control tips  
Volume down  
Volume up  
Aim the vents away from the ceiling and close the  
windows, as noise coming from them may interfere  
with the microphones.  
SOURCE Button  
Press the  
button when you want to call a  
number using a stored voice tag. Speak clearly and  
naturally after a beep.  
If the microphones pick up voices other than yours,  
the command may be misinterpreted.  
To change the volume level, select the audio  
system's VOL (Volume) or use the remote audio  
controls on the steering wheel.  
Up to five speed dial entries can be displayed among  
a total of 20 that can be entered. If there is no entry  
in the system, Speed Dial is disabled.  
(Talk) Button  
(Hang-up/Back) Button  
(Pick-up) Button  
2 Speed Dial P. 376  
Up to five call histories can be displayed among a  
total of 20 that can be entered. If there is no call  
history, Call History is disabled.  
* Not available on all models  
uuHands-Free Telephone SystemuUsing HFT  
1Hands-Free Telephone System  
(Pick-up) button: Press to go directly to the phone screen, or to answer an  
incoming call.  
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology  
The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered  
trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any  
use of such marks by Honda Motor Co., Ltd., is under  
licence. Other trademarks and trade names are those  
of their respective owners.  
(Hang-up/back) button: Press to end a call, go back to the previous  
command, or cancel a command.  
(Talk) button: Press to call a number with a stored voice tag.  
MENU button: Press and hold to display Speed Dial, Call History, or Redial on  
the phone screen.  
HFT Limitations  
button: Press to select an item displayed on the phone screen.  
SOURCE button: Press to call a number listed in the selected item on the phone  
An incoming call on HFT will interrupt the audio  
system when it is playing. It will resume when the call  
is ended.  
To go to the Phone Menu screen:  
1. Press the  
2. Select Phone to switch the display to the phone screen.  
3. Press the button.  
uuHands-Free Telephone SystemuUsing HFT  
1HFT Status Display  
HFT Status Display  
The information that appears on the audio/  
information screen varies between phone models.  
The audio/information screen notifies you when there is an incoming call.  
Bluetooth Indicator  
Appears when your phone is  
connected to HFT.  
You can change the system language.  
2 Customized Features* P. 323  
Battery Level Status  
Roaming Status  
HFT Mode  
Caller’s Name  
Signal Strength  
Caller’s Number  
Limitations for Manual Operation  
Certain manual functions are disabled or inoperable while the vehicle is in motion.  
You cannot select a grayed-out option until the vehicle is stopped.  
Only previously stored speed dial entries with voice tags, phonebook names, or  
numbers can be called using voice commands while the vehicle is in motion.  
2 Speed Dial P. 376  
* Not available on all models