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2017 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Refilling Window Washer Fluid

uuMaintenance Under the BonnetuRefilling Window Washer Fluid  
1Refilling Window Washer Fluid  
Refilling Window Washer Fluid  
Washer Reservoir  
Do not use engine antifreeze or a vinegar/water  
solution in the windscreen washer reservoir.  
Antifreeze can damage your vehicle’s paint. A  
vinegar/water solution can damage the windscreen  
washer pump.  
Use only commercially available windscreen washer  
Avoid prolonged use of hard water to prevent lime  
scale build up.  
Models without washer level sensor  
Check the amount of window washer fluid.  
If the level is low, fill the washer reservoir.  
Models with washer level sensor  
If the washer fluid is low, a message appears on the multi-information display.  
Pour the washer fluid carefully. Do not overflow the reservoir.  
Fuel Filter  
1Fuel Filter  
Models with service reminder system  
Replace fuel filter according to the time and distance recommendations in the  
maintenance schedule.  
The fuel filter should be replaced according to the  
service reminder indication.  
Petrol models  
Except European models  
It is recommended to replace the fuel filter every 40,000 km (25,000 miles), or 2  
years, if you suspect the fuel you are using is contaminated. In a dusty environment,  
the filter may become clogged sooner.  
Have a qualified technician change the fuel filter. Fuel in the system can spray out  
and create a hazard if all fuel line connections are not handled correctly.