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2017 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ If the Low Oil Level Indicator Comes On

uuIndicator, Coming On/BlinkinguIf the Low Oil Level Indicator Comes On  
1If the Low Oil Level Indicator Comes On  
If the Low Oil Level Indicator Comes On  
Reasons for the indicator to come on  
Appears when the engine oil level is low.  
What to do as soon as the indicator comes on  
Running the engine with low oil level can cause  
1. Immediately park the vehicle on level ground in a safe place.  
2. If necessary, turn the hazard warning lights on.  
serious mechanical damage almost immediately.  
This system activates after the engine warms up. If  
the outside temperature is extremely low, you may  
have to drive for a long time until the system senses  
the engine oil level.  
What to do after parking the vehicle  
1. Stop the engine and let it sit for about three minutes.  
2. Open the bonnet and check the oil level.  
u Add oil as necessary.  
2 Oil Check P. 550  
If the indicator appears again, stop the engine and  
contact a dealer for repairs immediately.  
Diesel models  
1If the PGM-FI Symbol Appears  
If the PGM-FI Symbol Appears  
Reasons for the symbol to appear while the engine is running  
Continuously driving with this symbol on can damage  
the emissions controls and engine. Those repairs may  
not be covered by your vehicle’s warranties.  
There is a problem with the engine control system.  
What to do when the symbol appears repeatedly  
Avoid full-throttle acceleration and high speed driving. Have the vehicle  
checked by a dealer.