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2017 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Important Handling Information

uuFor Safe DrivinguImportant Handling Information  
Important Handling Information  
Your vehicle has higher ground clearance than a passenger vehicle designed for use  
only on pavement. Higher ground clearance has many advantages for off-road  
driving. It allows you to travel over bumps, obstacles, and rough terrain. It also  
provides good visibility so you can anticipate problems earlier.  
1Important Handling Information  
For information on how to reduce the risk of rollover,  
2 Precautions While Driving P. 404  
2 Off-road Guidelines P. 395  
These advantages come at some cost. Because your vehicle is taller and rides higher  
off the ground, it has a higher centre gravity making it more susceptible to tripping  
or roll over if you make abrupt turns. Utility vehicles have a significantly higher  
rollover rate than other types of vehicles. In a rollover crash, an unbelted person is  
significantly more likely to die than a person wearing a seat belt. As a reminder,  
make sure you and your passengers always wear seat belts.  
Failure to operate your vehicle correctly might result  
in a crash or a rollover.