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2017 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Opening and Closing the Tailgate

Opening and Closing the Tailgate  
Precautions for Opening/Closing the Tailgate  
1Precautions for Opening/Closing the Tailgate  
Always make sure individuals and objects are clear of the tailgate before opening or  
closing it.  
Be careful not to hit your head on the tailgate or to  
put your hands between the tailgate and the luggage  
area when closing the tailgate.  
Opening the tailgate  
Open the tailgate all the way.  
u If it is not fully opened, the tailgate may begin to close under its own weight.  
Be careful when it is windy. The wind may cause the tailgate to close.  
When you are storing or picking up luggage from the  
luggage area while the engine is idling, do not stand  
in front of the exhaust pipe. You may get burned.  
Closing the tailgate  
Do not allow any passenger in the luggage space.  
They may get hurt during hard braking, a sudden  
acceleration, or a crash.  
Keep the tailgate closed while driving to:  
u Avoid possible damage.  
u Prevent exhaust gas from leaking into the vehicle.  
2 Carbon Monoxide Gas P. 81