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2017 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Airbag Care

uuAirbagsuAirbag Care  
Airbag Care  
You do not need to, and should not, perform any maintenance on or replace any  
airbag system components yourself. However, you should have your vehicle  
inspected by a dealer in the following situations:  
1Airbag Care  
The removal of airbag components from the vehicle is  
In case of malfunction, or shutdown, or after the  
airbag inflation/seat belt tensioner operation, ask a  
qualified personnel for handling.  
When the airbags have deployed  
If an airbag has inflated, the control unit and other related parts must be replaced.  
Similarly, once an automatic seat belt tensioner has been activated, it must be  
We recommend against the use of salvaged airbag  
system components, including the airbag, tensioners,  
sensors, and control unit.  
When the vehicle has been in a moderate-to-severe collision  
Even if the airbags did not inflate, have your dealer inspect the following: front seat  
belt tensioners, and each seat belt that was worn during the crash.