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2017 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ High Beam Support System*

uuOperating the Switches Around the Steering WheeluHigh Beam Support System*  
High Beam Support System*  
1High Beam Support System*  
Uses the camera attached, monitors the space ahead of your vehicle, and  
automatically changes the low beam headlights to high beam headlights when  
The high beam support system determines when to  
change the headlight beams by responding to the  
brightness of the lights ahead of your vehicle. In the  
following cases, the system may not respond to the  
lights properly:  
The system operates when:  
The headlight switch is in AUTO.  
The lever is in the low beam  
The system recognises that you are  
driving at night and the low beam  
headlights come on.  
The brightness of the lights from the preceding or  
oncoming vehicle is intense or poor.  
Visibility is poor due to the weather (rain, snow,  
fog, windscreen frost, etc.).  
Other light sources, such as streetlights and electric  
billboards are illuminating the road ahead.  
The brightness level of the road ahead constantly  
The vehicle speed is above 40 km/h  
(25 mph).  
*1: Models with Forward Collision Warning  
*2: Models without Forward Collision Warning  
The road is bumpy or with many curves.  
A vehicle cuts in front of you, or a vehicle in front  
of you is not in the preceding or oncoming  
The system changes to high beam headlights when:  
When the camera is not detecting any lights coming from preceding or oncoming  
vehicles: The headlights change to high beams.  
Your vehicle is tilted with a heavy load in the rear.  
When the camera detects lights coming from a preceding or oncoming vehicle: The  
headlights are returned to low beams.  
If you find the timing of beam changes inconvenient  
for driving, change the headlight beams manually.  
The camera monitors the range within the 30~38-degree view angle. The distance  
that the camera can detect lights ahead differs depending on conditions, such as  
the brightness of the lights and the weather.  
If you do not want the system to be activated at any  
time when the headlight switch is in AUTO, consult a  
* Not available on all models  
uuOperating the Switches Around the Steering WheeluHigh Beam Support System*  
1To Operate the System  
To Operate the System  
For the high beam support system to work properly:  
Turn the headlight switch in AUTO and pull  
the headlight lever to low beam.  
2 Light Switches P. 189  
Do not place an object that reflects light on the  
Headlight Switch  
Keep the windscreen around the camera clean.  
When cleaning the windscreen, be careful not to  
apply the windscreen cleanser to the camera lens.  
Do not attach an object, sticker or film in the area  
around the camera.  
The high beam support system indicator  
comes on.  
Do not touch the camera lens.  
If the camera receives a strong impact, or repairing of  
the area near the camera is required, consult a dealer.  
Temporary cancellation  
Models with Forward Collision Warning  
The high beam support system operation is temporarily cancelled while:  
You are continuously driving at a speed below 24 km/h (15 mph).  
The vehicle speed is below 10 km/h (6 mph).  
If the  
message appears:  
Use the climate control system to cool down the  
interior and, if necessary, also use defroster mode  
with the air flow directed towards the camera.  
Start driving the vehicle to lower the windscreen  
temperature, which cools down the area around  
the camera.  
The windscreen wipers run at high speed for more than a few seconds.  
The system operation resumes once the condition that caused it to cancel improves.  
To manually cancel the system temporarily  
If the  
message appears:  
You can cancel the operation when you manually change the headlights to high  
beams. Push the lever forward until you hear a click, or lightly pull the lever towards  
you to flash high beams. The high beam support system indicator goes off.  
Park your vehicle in a safe place, and clean the  
windscreen. If the message does not disappear  
after you have cleaned the windscreen and driven  
for a while, have your vehicle checked by a dealer.  
If you want the high beam support system operation to resume at once, pull and  
hold the lever towards you for a few seconds.