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2017 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Side Curtain Airbags

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Side Curtain Airbags  
The side curtain airbags help to protect the heads of the driver and passengers in  
outer seating positions during a moderate-to-severe side impact.  
1Side Curtain Airbags  
The side curtain airbags are most effective when an  
occupant is wearing their seat belt properly and  
sitting upright, well back in their seat.  
Housing Locations  
The side curtain airbags are located in the  
ceiling above the side windows on both sides  
of the vehicle.  
Do not attach any objects to the side windows or roof  
pillars as they can interfere with the proper operation  
of the side curtain airbags.  
Do not put a coat hanger or hard objects on a coat  
hook. This could result in injuries if your side curtain  
airbag inflates.  
Side Curtain Airbag Storage  
The side curtain airbag is designed to deploy  
in a moderate-to-severe side impact.  
Deployed Side Curtain Airbag  
When side curtain airbags deploy in a frontal collision  
One or both side curtain airbags may inflate in a moderate-to-severe angled frontal  
In this case, the side curtain airbags will deploy slightly after the front airbags.