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2017 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Emergency Parking Release

Emergency Parking Release  
9-speed automatic transmission models  
1Emergency Parking Release  
When the engine cannot be started due to dead battery, transmission failure, or  
engine trouble, transmission will be locked in (P and immobilized.  
In the case of dead battery, recharging the battery and restarting the engine to  
change the gear position.  
If you cannot change the gear position even after recharging the battery, contact a  
Never let the screwdriver come into contact  
with the battery terminals when loosening  
the parking release bolt.  
The battery can explode if the screwdriver  
comes into contact with the battery  
terminals, seriously hurt or kill anyone  
When you need to move your vehicle immediately in an emergency, you can  
disengage the parking lock in the transmission following the procedure below.  
1. Make sure the vehicle is on a firm, level, and non-slippery surface and apply the  
parking brake completely.  
2. Leave the ignition switch in ACCESSORY (q*1, and make sure steering lock is not  
on by turning steering wheel.  
Always make sure whether the battery  
terminals are covered before loosening it.  
3. Open the bonnet.  
When the ignition switch to LOCK (0*1, the gear  
2 Opening the Bonnet P. 546  
position automatically changes to (P  
4. Insert a screwdriver into the hole in the  
shaft of the parking release bolt.  
2 When turning off the engine P. 414  
Swing the screwdriver anticlockwise to  
loosen the parking release bolt.  
u The parking release bolt is now loosened.  
Do not attempt to perform any service while the  
steering wheel is locked; it may cause the steering  
Call a professional towing service and take your  
vehicle to a dealer.  
Parking Release Bolt  
*1: Models with the keyless access system have an ENGINE START/STOP button instead of an  
ignition switch.  
uuEmergency Parking Releaseu  
1Emergency Parking Release  
5. Insert the screwdriver in the screw head of  
the parking release bolt.  
Rotate the bolt until it contacts stopper.  
u The lock is now released.  
Release Bolt  
If the parking release bolt is not returned to the  
original position and the ignition switch*1 is turned  
on, the transmission indicator flashes and the ignition  
switch cannot be turned to OFF.  
The gear has been shifted from (P to  
2 Indicators P. 84  
After taking these steps, contact a dealer to have  
your vehicle checked.  
6. Park in a safe location.  
7. When done, be sure to rotate the parking  
release bolt clockwise to return it back to  
the original position. And then, swing the  
screwdriver inserted in the hole in the shaft  
of the bolt clockwise to firmly tighten the  
bolt so that it may not be loosened.  
u Tightening torque: 7 – 11 N∙m (0.7 – 1.1  
kgf∙m, 5.2 – 8.1 lbf∙ft)  
*1: Models with the keyless access system have an ENGINE START/STOP button instead of an  
ignition switch.