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2024 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Voice Control Operation

uuAudio System Basic OperationuVoice Control Operation  
Voice Control Operation  
Your vehicle has a voice control system that allows hands-free operation.  
1Voice Control Operation  
The voice control system uses the  
(talk) button on the steering wheel and a  
When you press the  
button, a helpful prompt asks  
what you would like to do. Press and release the  
button again to bypass this prompt and give a  
microphone near the map lights on the ceiling.  
1Voice Recognition  
Voice Recognition  
The voice control system can only be used from the  
driver’s seat because the microphone unit removes  
noises from the front passenger’s side.  
To achieve optimum voice recognition when using the voice control system:  
Make sure the correct screen is displayed for the voice command that you are  
The system recognizes only certain commands.  
Available voice commands:  
2 Voice Portal Screen P. 285  
Close the windows and moonroof.  
Adjust the dashboard and side vents so air does not blow onto the microphone  
on the ceiling.  
Speak clearly in a natural speaking voice without pausing between words.  
Reduce any background noise if possible. The system may misinterpret your  
command if more than one person is speaking at the same time.  
uuAudio System Basic OperationuVoice Control Operation  
You can change the mode on the General  
Settings screen.  
Phone Commands  
Call <name>  
Voice Portal Screen  
2 Voice Control P. 366  
Call <number>  
The system only recognizes contact names  
stored in the phonebook of your phone. If a  
full name is registered in the first name  
field, the system will recognize the first  
name and last name as one contact name.  
The system only recognizes the commands  
on the following pages, at certain screens.  
Free-form voice commands are not  
Phone commands are not available if using  
Apple CarPlay.  
General Commands  
When the voice portal screen is displayed, it  
When the  
(talk) button is pressed,  
will change to the top screen of each  
function by using the global commands.  
available voice commands appear on the  
Audio Commands  
Music Search  
When the system recognizes an audio  
command, the screen will change to the  
dedicated audio voice recognition screen.  
For a complete list of commands, say “Help”  
after the beep.  
Sirius XM  
Depending on the selected mode, the  
displayed commands are different on the  
voice portal screen. The commands  
recognized are the same regardless of  
which screen is selected.  
Normal Mode: A list of example commands  
is displayed to quickly complete your  
desired function.  
FM Commands  
Tune to <FM frequency>  
Phone Commands  
AM Commands  
Tune to <AM frequency>  
When the system recognizes a phone  
command, the screen will change to the  
dedicated phone voice recognition screen.  
These commands can only be used when a  
phone is connected.  
Sirius XM Commands  
Tune to SXM <channel number>  
Tune to SXM <station name>  
Assist Mode: A list of basic commands is  
displayed to guide you step by step through  
the voice menu.  
uuAudio System Basic OperationuVoice Control Operation  
iPod Commands  
Standard Commands  
List Album <name>  
List Artist <name>  
List Genre <name>  
List Playlist <name>  
Play <artist> <album>  
Voice Help  
Voice Help provides guidance for the  
current screen.  
Play Album <name>  
Play Artist <name>  
Play Genre <name>  
Play Music <text:media_combo>  
Play Playlist <name>  
Play Song <name>  
List Commands  
USB Commands  
List Album <name>  
List Artist <name>  
List Playlist <name>  
Play <artist> <album>  
Play Album <name>  
Play Artist <name>  
Play Music <text:media_combo>  
Play Playlist <name>  
Play Song <name>