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2024 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Knee Airbags

uuAirbagsuKnee Airbags  
Knee Airbags  
The knee SRS airbags inflate in a moderate-to-severe frontal collision to help keep  
the driver and/or front passenger in the proper position and to help maximize the  
benefit provided by the vehicle’s other safety features.  
1Knee Airbags  
Do not attach accessories on or near a knee airbag as  
they can interfere with the proper operation of the  
airbag, or even hurt someone if the airbag inflates.  
SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) indicates that the airbag is designed to  
supplement seat belts, not replace them. Seat belts are the occupant’s primary  
restraint system.  
The driver and front passenger should not store any  
items under the seat or behind their feet. The items  
can interfere with proper airbag deployment in the  
event of a moderate to severe frontal collision and  
may result in inadequate protection.  
Housing Locations  
The knee airbag for the driver and the one for  
the front passenger are housed under the  
steering column and the glove box  
Both are marked SRS AIRBAG.  
uuAirbagsuKnee Airbags  
The driver’s and front passenger’s knee airbag  
deploy at the same time as the driver’s and  
front passenger’s airbag respectively.  
Knee Airbag  
uuAirbagsuKnee Airbags  
When knee airbags deploy with little or no visible damage  
Because the airbag system senses sudden deceleration, a strong impact to the  
vehicle framework or suspension might cause one or more of the airbags to deploy.  
Examples include running into a curb, the edge of a hole, or other low fixed object  
that causes a sudden deceleration in the vehicle chassis. Since the impact is  
underneath the vehicle, damage may not be readily apparent.  
When knee airbags may not deploy, even though exterior damage  
appears severe  
Since crushable body parts absorb crash energy during an impact, the amount of  
visible damage does not always indicate proper airbag operation. In fact, some  
collisions can result in severe damage but no airbag deployment because the airbags  
would not have been needed or would not have provided protection even if they  
had deployed.