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2024 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ If You Cannot Open the Tailgate

If You Cannot Open the Tailgate  
1If You Cannot Open the Tailgate  
What to Do If Unable to Open the Tailgate  
Following up:  
After taking these steps, contact a dealer to have the  
vehicle checked.  
If you cannot open the tailgate, use the following procedure.  
1. Use a flat-tip screwdriver and remove the  
cover on the back of the tailgate.  
u Wrap the flat-tip screwdriver with a cloth  
to prevent scratches.  
When you open the tailgate from inside, make sure  
there is enough space around the tailgate, and it  
does not hit anyone or any object.  
2. To open the tailgate, push the tailgate  
while pushing the lever to the right using a  
flat-tip screw driver.  
Models with power tailgate  
Models without power tailgate