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2024 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Safety Checklist

uuFor Safe DrivinguSafety Checklist  
Safety Checklist  
For the safety of you and your passengers, make a habit of checking these items  
each time before you drive.  
After everyone has entered the vehicle, be sure all doors and the tailgate are  
closed and locked. Locking the doors and the tailgate helps prevent an occupant  
from being ejected and an outsider from unexpectedly opening a door or the  
1Safety Checklist  
If the door and/or tailgate open message appears on  
the driver information interface, a door and/or the  
tailgate is not completely closed. Close all doors and  
the tailgate tightly until the message disappears.  
2 Locking/Unlocking the Doors from the Inside P. 155  
Adjust your seat to a position suitable for driving. Be sure the front seats are  
adjusted as far to the rear as possible while allowing the driver to control the  
vehicle. Sitting too close to a front airbag can result in serious or fatal injury in a  
2 Adjusting the Seat Positions P. 195  
Adjust head restraints to the proper position. Head restraints are most effective  
when the center of the head restraint aligns with the center of your head. Taller  
persons should adjust their head restraint to the highest position.  
2 Adjusting the Front Head Restraints P. 203  
Always wear your seat belt, and make sure you wear it properly. Confirm that any  
passengers are properly belted as well.  
2 Fastening a Seat Belt P. 48  
Protect children by using seat belts or child seats according to a child's age,  
height, and weight.  
2 Child Safety P. 73