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2024 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Tire Labeling

uuChecking and Maintaining TiresuTire and Loading Information Label  
Tire and Loading Information Label  
The label attached to the driver’s doorjamb provides necessary tire and loading  
1Tire and Loading Information Label  
The tire and loading information label attached to the  
driver’s doorjamb contains:  
a The number of people your vehicle can carry.  
b The total weight your vehicle can carry. Do not  
exceed this weight.  
c The original tire sizes for front, rear, and spare.  
d The proper cold tire pressure for front, rear, and  
Tire Labeling  
1Tire Sizes  
The tires that came on your vehicle have a  
number of markings. Those you should be  
aware of are described as shown.  
Tire Size  
Following is an example of tire size with an  
explanation of what each component means.  
P235/60 R18 102T  
Number (TIN)  
P: Vehicle type (P indicates passenger vehicle).  
235: Tire width in millimeters.  
60: Aspect ratio (the tire’s section height as a  
percentage of its width).  
R: Tire construction code (R indicates radial).  
18: Rim diameter in inches.  
Tire Load  
Tire Pressure  
Tire Size  
102: Load index (a numerical code associated with  
the maximum load the tire can carry).  
T: Speed symbol (an alphabetical code indicating the  
maximum speed rating).  
Tire Sizes  
Whenever tires are replaced, they should be replaced with tires of the same size.  
uuChecking and Maintaining TiresuTire Labeling  
1Tire Identification Number (TIN)  
Tire Identification Number (TIN)  
DOT B97R FW6X 2209  
The tire identification number (TIN) is a group of numbers and letters that look like  
the example in the side column. TIN is located on the sidewall of the tire.  
DOT: This indicates that the tire meets all  
requirements of the U.S. Department of  
B97R: Manufacturer's identification mark.  
FW6X: Tire type code.  
22 09: Date of manufacture.  
Glossary of Tire Terminology  
Cold Tire Pressure – The tire air pressure when the vehicle has been parked for at  
least three hours or driven less than 1 mile (1.6 km).  
Load Rating – Means the maximum load that a tire is rated to carry for a given  
inflation pressure.  
Maximum Inflation Pressure – The maximum tire air pressure that the tire can  
Maximum Load Rating – Means the load rating for a tire at the maximum  
permissible inflation pressure for that tire.  
Recommended Inflation Pressure – The cold tire inflation pressure recommended  
by the manufacturer.  
Treadwear Indicators (TWI) – Means the projections within the principal grooves  
designed to give a visual indication of the degrees of wear of the tread.