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2024 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Start Up

uuAudio System Basic OperationuStart Up  
Start Up  
The 9-in. Color Touchscreen starts automatically when you set the power mode to  
ACCESSORY or ON. At start-up, the following screen about the data upload will be  
1Start Up  
Data Sharing Setting  
ON: Data communication available.  
OFF: Data communication unavailable.  
Select OK.  
u If you want to change the settings for  
data upload, select Data Sharing, then  
select the ON/OFF settings on the Data  
Sharing Setting screen.  
u If you do not select OK, the system will  
automatically be switched the home  
screen after a certain period of time.  
u If there is no registered device, select OK  
and the Bluetooth® pairing screen will be  
To pair a cell phone (when there is no  
phone paired to the system)  
1. Make sure your phone is in search or  
discoverable mode.  
2. Select Honda CR-V from your phone.  
u If you want to pair a phone from this  
9-in. Color Touchscreen, select Search  
for Devices, and then select your phone  
when it appears on the list.  
u If you check the box with Do not show  
this again, this screen will not be