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2024 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Sonar Sensors*

uuHonda Sensing®uSonar Sensors*  
Sonar Sensors*  
1Sonar Sensors*  
Location and range of sensors  
The sonar sensors are situated in the front and rear bumpers.  
For the sonar sensors to work properly, do not:  
Place stickers or other objects on or around the  
Hit the area around the sensors.  
Attempt to take apart any sensor.  
Put any accessories on or around the sensors.  
Consult with a dealer if:  
A sensor has been subjected to shock.  
Work needs to be done to the area around a  
Sonar Sensors  
Sonar Sensors  
In the following cases, the sonar sensors may not  
work properly. Have your vehicle checked by a dealer.  
The front or rear bumper has made contact with a  
hill, parking block, curb, embankment, etc.  
The vehicle has been involved in frontal or rear  
The vehicle has been driven through a deep  
Sensor Range  
* Not available on all models