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2024 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Smart Shortcuts

uuAudio System Basic OperationuSmart Shortcuts  
Smart Shortcuts  
By observing and learning driver behaviors, patterns, and preferences, the system  
anticipates driver actions and presents on-screen suggestions to help perform  
desired actions quicker and with fewer steps.  
1Smart Shortcuts  
The app also supports different profiles for each user,  
with customized learning for each profile. The app  
will also learn to associate a profile to a user over time  
based on key fob and connected phone data.  
The app will suggest actions based on what it learns you do often, and  
occasionally make recommendations based on your learned preferences.  
The system will take some time to learn. The more you interact with the system,  
the more suggestion you will see, and the more accurate they will become.  
Suggestions will automatically refresh periodically to provide updated content for  
each profile.  
You can also provide feedback on whether a suggestion is helpful by pressing and  
holding on it. This can help the app grow smarter over time.  
Smart Shortcuts Screen  
Shortcut Suggestion  
To change the notifications behavior for Smart Shortcuts:  
1. Select Options on the Smart Shortcuts screen.  
2. Select Suggestion Settings.  
3. Select an option.  
All data used for Smart Shortcuts can be erased by a Factory Data Reset.  
2 Defaulting All the Settings P. 375  
uuAudio System Basic OperationuSmart Shortcuts  
1How to Use  
How to Use  
You can change the profile by selecting  
top of the Smart Shortcuts screen.  
on the  
1. Press the  
2. Select Smart Shortcuts.  
3. Select a shortcut to take the action  
You can customize the following items by selecting  
Options on the top of the Smart Shortcuts screen.  
Profiles: Create, change, and manage profiles.  
View App Walkthrough: View the Smart  
Shortcuts walkthrough.  
Suggestion Settings: Change where suggestions  
can appear.  
To create a profile:  
1. Select Options on the Smart Shortcuts screen.  
2. Select Profiles.  
Call Suggestions: When selected, a call to the contact or number suggested will  
be placed and shown. Based on your calling patterns, contacts will be suggested  
for you to call.  
u Connect your smartphone through Bluetooth® to get contact suggestions.  
u Call suggestions will not be displayed when you are connected to Apple  
Radio Suggestions: When selected, the corresponding radio app (FM, AM, or  
SiriusXM®) will open and it will start playing the station.  
u From radio apps you can receive:  
3. Select Manage Profiles.  
4. Select + Add New Profile.  
5. Enter name for your profile.  
6. Select Done.  
uA new profile has been created and the Smart App  
will automatically switch to that profile.  
To change a profile:  
1. Select Options on the Smart Shortcuts screen.  
2. Select Profiles.  
3. Select Change Current Profile.  
4. Select a profile from the list.  
uThe change to the selected profile has been made.  
- FM, AM, SiriusXM®: Most frequently listened stations you may like to play  
- FM, SiriusXM®: Genre-based suggestions.  
u Considerations:  
- FM suggestions will appear only when they are within range, according to  
your vehicle’s tuner signal.  
- SiriusXM® suggestions will be available as long as there is an active account in  
the vehicle.