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2024 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Playing an iPod

uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying an iPod  
Playing an iPod  
Using your USB connector, connect the iPod to the USB port, then press the MEDIA  
2 USB Port(s) P. 231  
Audio/Information Screen  
USB Indicator  
Album Art  
Appears when an iPod is connected.  
AUDIO (Volume/Power)  
Press to turn the audio system on  
and off.  
Turn to adjust the volume.  
Selector Knob  
Turn to change songs.  
Press and turn to select an item,  
then press to set your selection.  
Track Buttons  
to change  
songs. Press and hold to move  
rapidly within a song.  
MENU Button  
Press to display the menu items.  
Play/Pause Icon  
Select to play/pause a song.  
(Back) Button  
Press to go back to the previous display.  
Repeat Icon  
Select to repeat the current file.  
Shuffle Icon  
Select to play all files in the current category in  
random order.  
MEDIA Button  
Press to select iPod (if connected).  
uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying an iPod  
1Playing an iPod  
How to Select a Song from the iPod Music List  
Available operating functions vary on models or  
versions. Some functions may not be available on the  
vehicle’s audio system.  
1. Press  
to display the iPod music list.  
If there is a problem, you may see an error message  
on the audio/information screen.  
2 iPod/USB Flash Drive P. 331  
2. Select a category.  
3. Select an item.  
u Select an item repeatedly until a desired  
item you want to listen to is displayed.  
uuAudio System Basic OperationuPlaying an iPod  
1How to Select a Play Mode  
How to Select a Play Mode  
Play Mode Menu Items  
You can select repeat and shuffle modes when playing a song.  
Repeatedly select the shuffle or repeat icon  
Shuffle off: Shuffle mode to off.  
Shuffle All Songs: Plays all available songs in  
a selected list in random order.  
until you find a play mode option of your  
Repeat off: Repeat mode to off.  
Repeat all: Repeats all songs.  
Repeat Song: Repeats the current song.  
Repeat Icon  
Shuffle Icon  
To turn off a play mode  
Select the mode you want to turn off.