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2024 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Audio System Theft Protection

uuAudio SystemuAudio System Theft Protection  
Audio System Theft Protection  
The audio system is disabled when it is disconnected from the power source, such as  
when the battery is disconnected or goes dead. In certain conditions, the system  
may display a code entry screen. If this occurs, reactivate the audio system.  
Reactivating the audio system  
1. Set the power mode to ON.  
2. Turn on the audio system.  
3. Press and hold the VOL/  
AUDIO (Volume/Power) knob for more than two  
u The audio system is reactivated when the audio control unit establishes a  
connection with the vehicle control unit. If the control unit fails to recognize  
the audio unit, you must go to a dealer and have the audio unit checked.