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2024 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Audio System Basic Operation

Audio System Basic Operation  
Models with 7-in. Color Touchscreen  
1Audio System Basic Operation  
To use the audio system, the power mode must be in ACCESSORY or ON.  
These indications are used to show how to operate  
the selector knob.  
Use the selector knob or MENU button to  
Selector Knob  
access some audio functions.  
to select.  
to enter.  
to switch between the normal and  
Menu Items  
extended display for some functions.  
2 Adjusting the Clock P. 140  
2 Adjusting the Sound P. 238  
2 Display Setup P. 239  
2 Customized Features P. 354  
MENU Button  
Selector knob: Rotate left or right to scroll  
Press the buttons on the steering wheel to change  
any audio setting.  
2 Audio Remote Controls P. 233  
Menu Display  
through the available choices. Press  
your selection.  
to set  
MENU button: Press to display the menu  
(Back) button: Press to go back to the  
previous display.  
Touchscreen operation  
Use simple gestures - including touching, swiping  
and scrolling - to operate certain audio functions.  
Some items may be grayed-out during driving to  
reduce the potential for distraction.  
You can select them when the vehicle is stopped.  
Wearing gloves may limit or prevent touchscreen  
You can change the touchscreen sensitivity setting.  
2 Customized Features P. 354