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2023 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Winter Tires

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Winter Tires  
If driving on snowy or frozen roads, mount all season marked M+S tires, snow tires,  
or tire chains; reduce speed; and maintain sufficient distance between vehicles when  
Using the wrong chains, or not properly  
installing chains, can damage the brake  
lines and cause a crash in which you can be  
seriously injured or killed.  
Be particularly careful when operating the steering wheel or brakes to prevent  
Use tire chains, snow tires, or all season tires when necessary or according to the law.  
When mounting, refer to the following points.  
Follow all instructions in this owner's  
manual regarding the selection and use of  
tire chains.  
For winter tires:  
Select the size and load ranges that are the same as the original tires.  
Mount the tires to all four wheels.  
For tire chains:  
Install them on the front tires only.  
Because your vehicle has limited tire clearance, we strongly recommend using the  
chains listed below:  
Traction devices that are the wrong size or improperly  
installed can damage your vehicle's brake lines,  
suspension, body, and wheels. Stop driving if they are  
hitting any part of the vehicle.  
When tire chains are mounted, follow the chain  
manufacturer's instructions regarding vehicle  
operational limits.  
Models with 235/60R18 tires  
Cable-type: SCC RADIAL CHAIN TC2212MM  
Models with 235/55R19 tires  
If your vehicle is equipped with summer tires, be  
aware that these tires are not designed for winter  
driving conditions. For more information, contact a  
Cable-type: SCC RADIAL CHAIN TC2111MM  
Follow the chain manufacturer's instruction when installing. Mount them as  
tightly as you can.  
Check that the chains do not touch the brake lines or suspension.  
Drive slowly.